Ran Holtzman

Ran is an Associate Professor (Reader) in Coventry University and the leader of the Engineering Applications of Fluid Mechanics group, within the Fluid and Complex Systems Research Center. He seeks fundamental understanding of environmental and energy applications in which multiphase and reactive subsurface flow is key. Of particular interest is the pore-scale origins of nonequilibrium—emergence of unstable, preferential pathways, hysteresis and rate-dependency, and their interplay with hydrodynamics, phase transitions and matrix alteration due to bio-chemo-mechanical processes such as fracturing and dissolution. His research cuts across the interface of earth sciences, engineering and physics, combining experiments, numerics and theory.

Ran received his PhD from UC Berkeley, working with Tad Patzek on micromechanics of granular materials. He was a postdoctoral associate at MIT with Ruben Juanes, studying multiphase flow in deformable porous media. Prior to joining Coventry, he was a faculty in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and a visiting scholar in the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC) in Barcelona, Spain.


Students and postdoctoral researchers

Ali Saeibehrouzi

PhD student, Coventry University and University of Warwick (co-tutelle).

Multiphase flow in engineered porous media.

Mahboobeh Fallah (Tina)

PhD student, FCS Coventry University.

Hydrophobicity-induced flooding and soil erosion.

Emmanuel Luther

PhD student, Coventry University.

Gravity fingering in immiscible fluid-fluid displacement-Implications for carbon geosequestration.

Roi Roded

PhD student, Hebrew Univerisity of Jerusalem, Israel.

The multi-physics, multi-scale, nature of reactive transport in porous media.


Oshri Borgman

PhD 2018, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Dissertation: A pore-scale study of the effects of heterogeneity and deformation on fluid displacement in granular media.

Yonatan Ganot

PhD 2018, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Dissertation: Hydraulic and Geochemical Processes during Managed Aquifer Recharge with Desalinated Seawater.

Inbar Vaknin

MSc 2018, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Thesis: Experimental Study of Pockmark Formation.

Evyatar Cohen

MSc 2017, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Thesis: The effect of heterogeneity and correlation length on CO2 storage in the saline Jurassic aquifer of the Negev.

Xavier Paredes

Postdoctoral associate 2013-2015, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Project: Dissolution and compaction during reactive transport in carbonates.